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Call for proposals  - Creative Reactions Ottawa 2018

Creative Reactions is looking for artists in the visual arts domain, spoken word (and others!) for the 2018 edition of the Pint of Science festival and its Creative Reactions event in your area. 

We are looking for emerging or established artists from Ottawa/Gatineau region. The selected artists will participate in the festival on May 19th in a café/bar gallery in Ottawa centre (place to be specified soon!).

For organization purposes, our society needs to put labels on things and phenomena. This human impulse generates invisible barriers between disciplines; distinctions that stand against interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity. Nowadays, it seems unlikely to find a profile like that of Isaac Newton, emblematic figure in science, who was all at once a philosopher, a mathematician, a physicist, an alchemist, an astronomist and a theologist.

Time has come to end prejudice and break down the barriers, for this kind of diversity may prove essential for future generations. This is the aim of Creative Reactions, born from the desire to reintegrate art and science using creativity as their common ground. Our principal objective is to use art as a bridge to create visual communication between these two rather distinct universes.

This project also acts as support for science outreach, offering its public a different face of the scientific world. The Pint of Science festival allows accessibility to scientific concepts and Creative Reactions offers to go even further, escaping conventions through a journey inside the imagination of the participating artists. 

This event, that sees itself as a celebration of interdisciplinarity, consists of matching artists with academic researchers around very specific themes: the brain, atoms, galaxies, the body and society. 

Artists are invited to enter the world of researchers, to discuss their research topics and produce works revolving around this exchange.

This collaboration between artists and researchers is crystalizes in a cultural event whose main and central element is the vernissage of the artistic pieces, presenting the intertwining of these two universes so close and so different at the same time.

Your file shall include:
● Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
● 3-5 images of recent work (less than 2 years), good resolution, or recordings/text, links to youtube video
● Artistic work
● Website or Facebook page
● Press kit if applicable
● A short statement explaining why you want to participate in Creative Reactions

● Deadline extended! You have until January 28th to apply online.
● A pre-determined committee will proceed to select the applicants. The committee’s decision will be irrevocable.
● Creative Reactions will take care of the promotion, advertising, organization, logistics and expenses of the vernissage and exhibition
● The artists are free to sell their work. No percentage will be charged to the artists.
● The artistic pieces will have to be ready and available for hanging at the date of the exhibition May 19th.
● Each artist will produce one piece of 36’’x36’’. For 3D works, the piece will have to be transportable and have a suitable fixture or base. 

For additional information or to send your file, you can contact us via email at the following address: ottawa.creativereactions@gmail.com


Coordinator, Creative Reactions, Ottawa division: Mirka Strmiskova
Coordinator, Pint of Science, Ottawa division: Izabella Pena
Director, Creative Reactions Canada: Olivier Léogane