Arteast Digest: Annual General Meeting; Avis des membres

1. Important Notice:  Annual General Meeting will be held on 28 January 2020 - Please mark this important date in you calendar

Arteast will hold its Annual General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 28 January 2020, in Room 340 at 255 Centrum Blvd. in Orleans. Arteast urges all members to attend this important annual meeting. The agenda and all items will be distributed to you by e-mail in early January. The AGM will be followed by the Grow With Art presentation (more details will follow later).

Avis Important : Veuillez inscrire à votre calendrier que l’Assemblée Générale Annuelle aura lieu le 28 janvier 2020

L’Assemblée Générale Annuelle d’Arteast aura lieu le mardi 28 janvier 2020 à 19h au 255 Boul. Centrum (Orléans) local 340. Arteast encourage tous les membres à venir à cette importante assemblée annuelle. L’agenda et tous les items seront distribués à tous les membres au début de janvier. L’Assemblée Générale Annuelle sera suivie de la présentation de Grandir avec l’Art (plus de détails suivront sous peu).

2. Avis des membres / Members' Notice

L'exposition des Jeanne Vaillancourt gravures au centre Richelieu Vanier se termine le23 décembre.
Sur l'invitation c'est marqué jusqu'au 4 janvier mais le centre'est fermé tout le temps de fêtes.


Danielle Beaulieu is pleased to announce that she has an upcoming solo exhibit at Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa, from January 9 to February 11, 2020. The exhibit is entitled “Blast from the Past” .

This exhibition, composed of more than 25 watercolours, will serve to remind viewers of a time without cellphones, WiF, etc. The common items we find in antique shops are often overlooked by many people. These hold mysterious knowledge waiting patiently to be revealed.

Danielle Beaulieu gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the ARTicipate Endowment Fund for this exhibit.

3. Misc News

New York Art Trip 2020 March 19-22 Bus tour from Ottawa

Join us for New York Art Trip 2020 (March 19-22)! Three nights and four days visiting the newly expanded MoMa, the Met, the Guggenheim, the Frick, the Whitney and the Chelsea Galleries. A great opportunity to break the winter and recharge your creative batteries with a group of like-minded adults and an art historian on board. Among many other special exhibits, we will visit a retrospective of Gerard Richter, considered one of the world’s greatest living artists. We offer a flexible schedule, accommodations in Midtown Manhattan and reasonable prices. Our annual art bus tour to NYC offered since 1993 is so popular that we have participants who have joined us more than six times already. We have two pick-up locations in the Ottawa region and one in the Kingston area.

Price per person of New York Art Trip 2020 varies depending on the type of accommodation as follows:

Quad: CAD 645 |Triple: CAD 725 | Double: CAD 880 |Single CAD 1270

More details and testimonials on our website at: https://www.walkthearts.com/art-workshops-tours/new-york-bus-tour/

To register (800) 611-4789 & info@walkthearts.com


Arteast Summer/Fall 2019 Communiqué

1. Summer/Fall 2019 Communiqué

The Summer/Fall 2019 Communiqué is now available online at http://arteastottawa.com/newsletter/

We wish to remind you that Arteast is no longer sending the newsletter to members by regular mail.  All issues will continue to be posted on Arteast’s website and a very limited number of printed copies will be available at Grow With Art meetings.  The newsletter Editor – Lynne Alsford – can be reached by e-mail at: editor.arteastottawa@gmail.com

2. Mosaic - Mosaïque: Final Days to Register

Registration for "Mosaic" (https://forms.gle/LitNtjAPBZq73wQz5), our highly anticipated annual juried exhibition showcasing the best works of art in a variety of media from Arteast members, ends on December 15th, 2019. Three jurors awards and an Award of Excellence are made possible due to our sponsor Wallack's Art Supplies
Check out the rules: https://arteastottawa.com/forms/


L'inscription pour Mosaïque (https://forms.gle/LitNtjAPBZq73wQz5), notre exposition par jury annuelle très attendue, présentant les meilleures œuvres d'art de différents médiums des membres d'Arteast, se terminera le 15 décembre 2019. Trois prix de jurés et un prix d'excellence seront disponible grâce à notre commanditaire Wallack's Art Supplies
Consultez les règlements: https://arteastottawa.com/forms/


Arteast Digest: Open Studio

1. Open Studio

Open Studio meets on December 12th (& end of year potluck lunch!) and will return in the new year on January 9, 2020.

Location is at the St. Laurent Complex, Visual Arts Studio.
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
525 Cote Street, Ottawa.

Open Studio is an opportunity for members to meet and work on their own projects.

See website for details. https://arteastottawa.com/open-studio-studio-libre/

(Space is limited) Sign up form: https://arteastottawa.com/open-studio-studio-libre-sign-up-form/

2. Arts Network Ottawa

eNews Issue No. 012 | Nouvelles l'édition no. 012

3. Misc News

January 12 Vic Dohar
One Day Workshop “Watercolour Landscape Workshop” with Vic Dohar – Sunday, January 12, 2020, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This one-day workshop with Vic Dohar is for artists working in watercolour media.

In this one-day workshop you will create two watercolour landscape paintings. The first one will be instructor-led, beginning with distilling and simplifying a landscape scene with an emphasis on shapes and creating a strong composition, then painting the subject matter using a limited watercolour palette, layering, texturing, and achieving a strong value contrast to support the composition and subject matter. The second painting that you will create in the afternoon will follow the same process and steps learned in the morning, but the subject matter will be a landscape of your choice. The instructor will provide guidance and examples throughout the processes, as well as a constructive critique session. At the end of the workshop you will have acquired a greater appreciation of the versatility of watercolour while keeping the approach simple, and a different perspective on making a landscape composition more eye-catching.

Participants are required to provide their own paints, materials and supplies. A material list will be supplied in advance of the workshop.

The workshop is open to 12 participants at a cost of $75 per participant.

Workshop Lead: Pam Bixel (pam.bixel@gmail.com)
Workshop Name: Watercolour Landscape Workshop
Instructor: Vic Dohar
Preferred Timing: 9:00am – 4:00pm, 1-hour lunch
Workshop length: One day
Date: Sunday, January 12, 2020
Location: Moncion’s Your Independent Grocer, 685 River Rd, Gloucester, ON K1V 2G2

January 19 Rachel MacDonald
One Day Workshop “Watercolour Floral Workshop - Poppies” with Rachel MacDonald – Sunday, January 19, 2020, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

This one-day workshop with Rachel MacDonald is for artists working in watercolour media.

Rachel will teach about a variety of Poppy species familiar to us all. This will include wild, alpine and oriental poppies. We will study the different petals, buds, seed pods and greenery. Rachel will demonstrate painting various colours i.e. crimson, pink, white and yellow. We will learn to:
paint using lots of water, allowing colours to merge on the paper
create areas of shadow and areas of light
paint a simple background

Supplies needed:
140 lb cold press, good quality
Backboards to tape your paper on
Beige masking tape
#10, #6, #3 round brushes

Alizarin Crimson, Rose Madder, Magenta, Permanent Rose, New Gamboge, Cobalt Blue, Raw Umber (Cadmium Red for those who want to paint orange poppies)
Sheets of paper 16’’ by 20’’ taped to a board, ready to start painting
Med HB pencil and white or soft erasers

Poppies are fun to paint and one of the most loved flowers around the world.
Rachel will send out some suggested simple sketches a week before though she encourages everyone to create their own composition.

The workshop is open to 10 participants at a cost of $80 per participant.

Workshop Lead: Pam Bixel (pam.bixel@gmail.com)
Workshop Name: Watercolour Floral Workshop - Poppies
Instructor: Rachel MacDonald
Preferred Timing: 10:00am – 3:00pm, ½ hour lunch
Workshop length: One day
Date: Sunday, January 19, 2020
Location: Moncion’s Your Independent Grocer, 685 River Rd, Gloucester, ON K1V 2G2

To register for a workshop send an email to the registrar at: workshops@manotickart.ca
To pay for a workshop you can use PayPal or an e-Transfer to: treasurer@manotickart.ca
You can also mail a cheque to: Treasurer, 5602 Goddard St., Manotick, On, K4M 1C5


Call for Artists !

Art Works! Perth warmly invites painters, printmakers, potters, jewellers, sculptors, woodworkers, outdoor artists, etc. to apply to join us on our juried ART WORKS! PERTH Studio Tour on June 19-21, 2020. Information about Perth and the Tour is available on our website www.artworksperth.ca

Applicants must provide by e-mail:

A) 4 high resolution Jpeg. (300 dpi.) of recent work in your usual medium to richardjhutton@hotmail.com Please label each photo: Last name- title-medium -number.
B) A short bio or C.V. along with details of your web and social media sites.
C) A sentence completing one of the following statements:
  1. I have my own studio in the vicinity of Perth, (address), and would like it included in the tour
  2. I have a local studio and would like to host (x number) of juried guests
  3. I do not have a local studio but would be happy to be hosted by a commercial venue in the downtown core of Perth.
  4. I do not have a local studio and would prefer to be hosted in a core member’s studio.
  5. Section C is important to us, as we are seriously looking to increase the number of stops we can offer on the tour, and applicants with local studios will be looked upon very favourably.

D) Please make an e-transfer to artworksperthontario@gmail.com . It is auto-deposit, so no password needed. Alternatively, provide a cheque for the non-refundable jurying fee of $25 made out to “Art Works Perth” and mailed to Times Gone By Studio, 48 Craig Street, Perth, ON K7H 1Y3. We must receive this by the deadline of January 6th 2020. Please indicate in the email which method of payment you have used.


Each artist’s work will be juried with the goal of having a diversity of style and media at the event. Applicants will be notified of result of jurying in early February.

Successful applicants will then be asked to pay the Tour entry fee of $375 by February 17th 2020. Further information about Perth and the Tour is available on our website www.artworksperth.ca


Arteast Digest: Mosaic Registration, Arteast Awards Winners 2018

1. Mosaic Registration 

Registration is now open for Mosaic and closes on December 15th, 2019 (https://forms.gle/LitNtjAPBZq73wQz5). This highly anticipated annual exhibition showcases the best works of art in a variety of media from Arteast members. Art submissions are selected by a jury of peer professional artists representing a broad range of media and forms of art. Three juror awards and an Award of Excellence will be chosen.

This juried exhibition will be held the Trinity gallery, Shenkman Arts Centre from February 13th, to March 17th, 202020

Arteast members are encouraged to submit their best two and three dimensional work to this annual exhibition. We are looking for insightful, creative, visual art in all media. There is no theme for show.

Selection by the jurors will be based on the following criteria:

1. Originality 

  • Does the work show something new, emerging or cutting edge?
  • Does the work look distinct and original?
  • Is the technique new or developed in practice?
  • Is the artist using a traditional technique in a new or unusual way?

2. Mastery of Technique 
  • Does the work present high quality craftsmanship, mastery and skill? 
  • Does the Artist have mastery of the medium and associated techniques 
  • Does the work look well planned and composed? 
  • Do the shapes, patterns, values and colours present good design? 
  • Does the work look finished?
3. Artistic Vision 
  • Does the artist have a clear subject matter or style?
  • Is there a vision or story told in the presented work?
We encourage interested participants to carefully read the rules (includes all key dates and eligibility criteria) that are available on the Arteast website - https://arteastottawa.com/forms/ under Trinity Art Gallery Mosaic Rules 2020

For information contact: Maureen Rooney Mitchell, promenade@arteastottawa.com


Appel pour œuvres d’art pour « Mosaïque » - Arteast

Vous prouvez maintenant vous inscrire pour Mosaïque jusqu'au 15 décembre 2019 (https://forms.gle/LitNtjAPBZq73wQz5). Cette exposition annuelle très attendue présente les meilleures œuvres d'art sur différents mediums des membres d'Arteast. Les soumissions d'art seront évaluées par un jury composé d'artistes professionnels représentant un large éventail de médias et de formes d'art. Trois prix de jury et un prix d'excellence seront choisis.

Cette exposition-concours sera présentée à la galerie Trinity du Centre des Arts Shenkman du 13 février au 17 mars 2020.

Les membres d'Arteast sont encouragés à soumettre leurs meilleurs œuvres en deux et trois dimensions à cette exposition annuelle. Nous recherchons des arts visuel perspicace, créatif et créatif. Il n'y a pas de thème pour cette exposition.

La sélection du jury sera basée sur les critères suivants:

1. Originalité

  • Le travail montre-t-il quelque chose de nouveau, d'émergent ou de pointe?
  • Le travail a-t-il l'air distinct et original?
  • La technique est-elle nouvelle ou développée dans la pratique?
  • L’artiste utilise-t-il une technique traditionnelle d’une manière nouvelle ou inhabituelle?

2. Maîtrise de la technique
  • L’œuvre présente-t-elle un savoir-faire, une maîtrise et des compétences de grande qualité?
  • L’artiste maîtrise-t-il le médium et les techniques associées?
  • Le travail a-t-il l'air bien planifié et composé?
  • Les formes, les motifs, les valeurs et les couleurs présentent-ils un bon design?
  • Le travail a-t-il l'air fini?
3. Vision artistique
  • L’artiste a-t-il un sujet ou un style clairement défini?
  • Y a-t-il une vision ou une histoire racontée dans le travail présenté?

Nous encourageons les participants intéressés à lire attentivement les règlements (comprenant toutes les dates clés et les critères d'éligibilité) disponibles sur le site web d'Arteast - https://arteastottawa.com/forms/ sous « Règlements pour Mosaïque 2020 ».

Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec: Danielle Beaulieu au dbeaul0155@rogers.com

2. Arteast Awards Winners 2018 - Gagnants de prix 2018

The public is invited to an opening reception for ARTEAST Awards Winners of 2018 - Gagnants de prix 2018, the latest show to be presented by ARTEAST. The reception will take place on Sunday, December 1, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the ground floor of the Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Boulevard, Orleans.

This exhibition will present 14 works of the award winners from the 37th edition of the Arteast Juried Awards Exhibition which was held at the St. Laurent Complex in 2018. It will showcase the varied media that Arteast members employ and are representative of the high quality of work produced by its membership. Awards were conferred for the most outstanding works submitted in various categories on diverse themes.

The show runs from November 28th, 2019 to February 11th, 2020.


Le public est invité au vernissage de l’exposition Arteast « RTEAST Awards Winners of 2018 - Gagnants de prix 2018 », par les membres d’Arteast. La réception aura lieu le dimanche 1er décembre 2019, de 13h à 15h, niveau 1 au Centre des Arts Shenkman, 245 boul. Centrum à Orléans.

Quatorze artistes, récipiendaires de prix gagnés lors de la 37e édition de l’exposition par jury pour prix d’Arteast en 2018, présenteront leurs œuvres. Celles-ci englobent plusieurs médiums et styles différents, représentatifs de la grande qualité des travaux produits par les membres d’Arteast.

L'exposition aura lieu du 28 novembre, 2019 au 11 février 2020.

2. Member's News

Mary Ann Varley would like to invite you to the annual GIFTS OF ART at the Crichton Street Gallery, 299 Crichton Street. I have many smaller works as well as my larger pieces in mixed media. There many gift type items: the ever popular calendars and cards for all seasons, jewellery, and new products, too. The show is complete with works by Mary Pratte, Elisabeth Arbuckle, Pat Carbonneau, Louise Tanguay and glassware by Jennifer Anne Kelly. Come join me for festive treats Saturday and Sundays from 11 to 4. Show runs from November 23 to December 22.613-299-0064 www.thecrichtonstreetgallery.ca

3. Arts Network Ottawa

ArtNews Issue no. 005 | Bulletin des arts l'édition no. 005