Luna Sole Exhibit; Member's Announcement; AOE Annoucements; Other News

1. Arteast Exhibit at Luna Sole

Elizabeth Twiss' exhibit at Luna Sole until February 5th.

2. AOE Announcements

3. Member's Announcement

“Songs of the Snow”, Atrium Gallery with Jake Morrison and Sarolta Gyoker, February 9th - March 14th, 2018
Reception: Tuesday, February 13th, 6 -8pm

4. Other News:

The Winter Break-a-Brush! Painting Workshop Program with David Kearns

This Winter, we're looking forward to hosting another exciting workshop series: during 6 workshops, we profile some wonderful painters that changed the course of art and also cover key painting subjects!

Saturday 03 Feb 2018 - In the footsteps of the Group of Seven: Whether inspired by the stark and mystical landscapes of Lawren Harris, the lyrical styles of J.E.H. MacDonald and Arthur Lismer or the consummate paint mastery of A.Y. Jackson, join us for a day in the company of the most legendary group of Canadian painters.

Saturday 10 Feb 2018 - Limitless Colour: Paintings are invariably more than they seem. This workshop explains how colours work together in practice and develops some key approaches, such as demystifying and mixing for experienced artists and beginners alike. Instruction and coaching will include sound colour theory and a major part will be its application in practical art. Colour takes paintings to giddy heights or sends them to the depths with little in between!

Saturday 24 Feb 2018 - From Klimt to Klee – Expressionism in the 20th century: Through these two very different artists, Gustav Klimt and Paul Klee, we see breadth and diversity in the explosion of creativity in Austria and Germany through first part of the 20th Century, for a fascinating day in the company of Germanic Expressionists. The National Gallery has just acquired two additional Klimts now on display in the permanent collection: https://gallery.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=24cd591dea258ee4881d06784&id=04ad778c94&e=182e6d970c

Saturday 03 Mar 2018 - Multiple perspectives - The perfect....imperfect: This workshop will focus on perspective in a range of real-world environments. Single, two and three-point linear perspective will be covered and perhaps equally importantly, approaches on when to follow the rules and when to break them. We'll investigate how perspective helps with various subjects and styles.

Saturday 17 Mar 2018 - The 100th Break-a-Brush workshop – profiling some of our favorite artists and techniques! Marking our 100th Break-a-Brush workshop, David will review some of his most his favored painting processes and techniques as well as comment on artists that have influenced his work. He will take requests for demos and segments from the participants!

Saturday 24 Mar 2018 - People in their environments This workshop will explore creating vivid living compositions in dry media and paint, working from both live model and photo references. The workshop will exploring people in real world situations - placing people into scenes and compositions.

All Workshops are from 09:30 am to 04:30 pm at Rothwell United Church, 42 Sumac Street, Ottawa, K1J 6P7. $100.00 per session or $75.00 each for bookings of 4 or more sessions. Additional details are found on our website: http://www.breakabrush.com/workshops/

These workshops appeal to a wide range of skill levels: from relative beginners to practiced artists wanting to pursue a new style. Together we will dispel myths and develop sound practices, creativity and expression! France and I would like to invite you to join us for an exciting Winter workshop program.

Reserve by email to france@davidkearn.com

or via Paypal: http://www.breakabrush.com/workshops/upcoming-workshops-paypal/

A memorable season of painting awaits!
David & France
tel: 613 620 6737
email: david@davidkearn.com france@davidkearn.com


Art Lending of Ottawa - Spring Jurying Date
Art Lending of Ottawa will soon by jurying for new artist members. A few of our present 40 members will inevitably drop off for various reasons (ill health, moves, etc.) at the end of our operating year in late June.

If you are interested in applying to Art Lending as an artist member, please go to our website at www.Art Lending of Ottawa.ca and click on JURY DETAILS.


For any further information, our webmaster, Jim Kinash can be contacted. j.kinash@sympatico.ca>

5. Sponsors’ Announcements

Note:  Please send proposed notices (suggested text and jpg) for the Digest to: arteastottawa@gmail.com.   All notices are subject to approval.

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