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1. Spring Field Trip to Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts -Chagall : Colour and Music - Excursion d’été au Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal - Chagall : couleur et musique

Deadline to sign up - Cheques must be received by 5 pm on Friday, April 21, 2017
Échéance pour l’inscription - Réception de chèque avant
17 h vendredi le 21 avril, 2017

This is an exciting day trip to see the magic of Chagall. Arteast will subsidize the cost of a bus for this trip to reduce fees to members.

Contact person: Mary Ann Varley, varleymaryann1@bell.net

Itinerary - Friday, May 5, 2017
- 8:30 am: Leave the Shenkman Art Centre at by air-conditioned, 50 passenger bus
- 10:30 am: Arrival at Montreal Museum
- 11:00 am: Receipt of individual audio guides for Chagall Exhibit
- Lunch or brown bag at the gallery at a time of your convenience (at members’ expense)
- Lunch until 5pm: Continued visit of the museum until closing or visit local sites based on the members preference
- Dinner at local venues
- 6:30 pm: Departure for Ottawa from the museum
- 8:30 to 9:00 pm: arrival at the Shenkman Centre (depends on traffic and whether the bus stops for a break.)

- Price per person $45 members $60 non-members.
- Included in the price is bus transportation, entrance fees to the Musée des beaux arts and the audio-guide (no meals)
- We need to have at least 40 people for the trip to be viable.
- Arteast will administer a 20% fee for requested refunds after April 21st.

Une excursion d’une journée pour voir la magie de Chagall. Le transport par autobus est subventionné par Arteast afin de réduire les frais pour ses membres.

Personne-contact : Mary Ann Varley, varleymaryann1@bell.net

Horaire – Vendredi, le 5 mai 2017
- 08 h 30 : Départ du Centre des arts Shenkman en autobus de 50 places, air climatisé
- 10 h 30 : Arrivée au Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal
- 11:00 h : Réception des guides audio-visuel pour Exhibition Chagall
- Lunch au musée à vos frais ou apportez votre goûter à l’heure de votre choix
- Lunch à la fermeture : Visite libre du musée ou visite des sites locaux aux choix des membres
- Souper : A vos frais dans les environs
- 18 h 30 : Départ de l’autobus à partir du musée pour Ottawa
- 20h30-21h Arrivée au Centre Shenkman (selon la circulation et la pause-santé, si c’est le cas)

Coûts :
- Prix par personne: 45 $ pour membres et 60$ pour non-membres
- Les frais incluent le transport, les frais d’admission au Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal et le guide audio-visuel (aucun repas)
- Nous devons avoir un minimum de 40 personnes pour faire le voyage.
- Arteast administrera des frais de 20% pour les remboursements demandés après le 21 avril.

2. Grow with Art- L’art en herbe

Tuesday March 28, -le 28 mars
7:00 “Meet and Greet” à 19h - 7:30 Présentation à 19h 30
Room 340 salle, 255 Centrum Blvd.
Presenter: Maryse Legault

Topic: “Demonstration of fabric Sculpting” Démo de l’intégration de tissue en art

The presentation will be done mostly with a PowerPoint presentation. Maryse has taken pictures of every step of making a fabric sculpture- beginning with the armature to the draping of the sculpture. The product is messy and it takes several hours to create a sculpture. She will have several pieces at different stages of construction, including a selection of completed sculptures.

She will bring a container of paverpol and demonstrate with a tiny face on a canvas to show how this product can be incorporated with acrylic paint to create great mixed media. Maryse will also show the process of draping the fabric on a sculpture by doing a few parts of the body.

For further information: Mary Ann Varley, 613-745-2996, varleymaryann1@bell.net

3. Raylene Mulrooney at Luna Sole Bistro

Introducing, Raylene Mulrooney and her first solo show at the Luna Sole Bistro. Her interest in photograph began in September of 1981 when she attended the Graphic and Visual Design Program at Kwantlen College in Surrey, BC. Since then it has become her passion. She says that, “her photos are her way of paying it forward”.

For Raylene, Petrie Island is a magical place that she frequently visits. You are likely to find her there early in the morning, “enjoying the world as it wakes up”. She enjoys “the constant changes, the peacefulness and the renewal of the spirit that happens there”.

The collection that she has put together for the Luna Sole show, are winter scenes that capture those magical moments she has enjoyed at Petrie Island. The show will be there until May 9th.

4. Members’ Announcements

Jessie Parker announces her upcoming solo show at Galérie Old Chelsea, 783 Rte 105, Chelsea ,QC , March 31-April 19. The vernissage will be held on Sunday, April 2, 1-4pm. You are most welcome to attend. Hope to see you there…

In case you have not been there before: Go north on Rte 5, take Tenaka exit, East on Chemin Scott, turn right on Rte 105, first building on your right. Les Fougères, famous for great French cuisine, is on the first floor. The gallery is up the stairs .

The show consists of photo based digital art printed on aluminum, canvas, archival paper and photo-transfer on wood. The imagery is what she now calls “lightscapes” , composed entirely of light, and based on cityscapes of Ottawa, Toronto, and New York City. They are images that are derived from what the camera can see but the eye cannot. Most of the show features works not seen before in this area and most of those brand new.

5. Wallack’s Art Supplies

Make It In March Sale + Workshops!

6. Voices of Canadians About Lyme Looking for Face Painter for June Event

We are looking for someone who does face painting for a Lyme disease awareness event that is going to take place on June 3rd, 2017 on Parliament Hill. This would unfortunately have to be a VOLUNTEER opportunity, but the face painter could ask for donations. The event is called VOCAL (Voices of Canadians About Lyme). For more information about the event please see the following link: https://www.evensi.ca/vocal-ottawa-voices-of-canadians-about-lyme-parliament-hill/191821820

For more information please contact Marianne Pethke mariannep@rogers.com