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1. Glass Fusing Workshop Saturday, March 3, 2018

Hi Arteast, Grow with Art is organizing a glass fusing workshop with Jennifer Anne Kelly of Current Works of Glass. We hope to organize a carpool for transportation.

Cost: Everyone would pay the fee of $40 or $45 for their project. We could then go as a group for lunch in Carleton Place. The lunch out would be optional and an individual expense.

Date and Time: Saturday March 3, 10-12am

Location: Current Works of Glass. 279 Borden Road, Carleton Place, Ontario

Numbers: about 8 people (If fewer than 5 we will cancel)

Choose from a variety of options such as pendants, sun-catchers or coasters and mosaic 8×10″ dishes. Spend approximately two hours playing with glass and visiting with friends. At the end of the evening your creations go into the kiln. Finished pieces are ready for pick up within a week. This class offers a little bit of glass teaching and a lot of creativity and laughter. Read more for details:

Choose one collection from the following:
  • Option A: Make one coaster/trivet (4×4″ or 5X5″) and four pendants
  • Option B: Make one sun-catcher (approx. 5×5′ or 3×6″) and four pendants
  • Option C: Make one 5″x10″ mosaic sun-catcher and two pendants
  • Option D: Make one 5″x10″ mosaic dish and two pendants ($5 extra for forming into shape)
Costs include tools and supplies: $40/person($5 extra for shaping into a dish)
Each participant can choose a different selection of projects so the group doesn’t have to do the same project.

minimum three people and maximum 8 people (customized projects are available for larger groups)

Example of items made at a party:

Register by sending an email to Mary Ann Varley varleymaryann1@bell.net

Registration Form Deadline: Feb 24, 2018
Payment will be made at the workshop to Jennifer
Name:____________________________________; email:____________________________
Indicate if you are willing to drive:________________ how many passengers___________
Indicate if you are Will require a ride_________________
Car pool will meet at the Shenkman Arts Centre main entrance at 8:45 am 

2. Members Announcement

March Workshops: THE MAGIC OF PENCIL
offered by  Lissa Rachelle

The Basics of Working in Graphite - $60
Discover the true magic of pencils in this single day, 5 hour workshop, which is designed to introduce you to the tools used by pencil artists who work in a realist style. Besides learning about all the various tools that help create the magic, you will also learn the real secret behind achieving those beautifully smooth blended tones that so many artists struggle to perfect. This workshop is the prerequisite for the other two.

Creating Realistic Textures in Graphite I - $60
Prerequisite: The Basics of Working in Graphite
Discover how to give your drawings beautiful depth with realistic textures! This single day, 5 hour workshop picks up where The Basics of Working in Graphite left off by helping you to practice your new skills and become intimately familiar with your pencil grades and what they can do. Watch the magic of pencil come to life as you learn to realistically portray the appearance and texture of grass, foliage, tree bark, wood grain and bricks in your drawings.

Creating Realistic Textures in Graphite II - $60
Prerequisite: The Basics of Working in Graphite
This workshop is exactly the same as the one above, except we will focus on learning to realistically portray the appearance and texture of skin, eyes, hair, fur and feathers in your drawings.

Please Note: NO previous drawing experience is necessary and each workshop is limited to six participants.

Location: The Artists’ Workshop Gallery, 119 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa (free parking available on site).

See http://lissarachelle.com/workshops.html for available workshop dates, supply list, more details and contact information.

3. A0E News

4. Sponsor News

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