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1. Fall Communiqué

The Communiqué Fall 2017 is now available online at http://arteastottawa.com/newsletter.php
If you do not wish to receive a printed copy, please email: editor@arteastottawa.com

2. Arteast Call for Art: Holiday Mix Deadline Tuesday, November 7th

Dear Arteast Members,

Call for art for the “Holiday Mix” exhibition at the St Laurent Complex Gallery, you need to have your pre-registration sent in via email to josiedemeo@bell.net by no later thanTuesday, November 7, 2017

Please note you’re allowed to register up to 2 art piece for the Holiday Mix and each piece max size cannot exceed 12” x 12” (this includes with frame). The form is on the Web site just follow the link: http://www.arteastottawa.com/forms.php and click on “Holiday Mix Exhibition / Exposition Couleurs des fêtes”. As you send in your pre-registration, please include a picture of your piece(s) so we can add them to the invitation for the exhibition.

Please note that we need all hands on deck to make this exhibition as successful as previous years, any time you can volunteer to help is highly appreciated. So please include your volunteer preference on the registration form and email.

If you have any questions regarding the Holiday Mix exhibition, please contact Josie De Meo either by email at josiedemeo@bell.net or by phone at 613-590-7627

Happy Painting and we look forward to seeing your work for the Holiday Mix exhibition.

Josie De Meo
Proud member of Arteast
Past President
tel: 613-590-7627

3. Arteast Members Invitated to Exhibit at Luna Sole Restaurant in 2018

There are eight opportunities for member artists to have solo exhibitions at Luna Sole Restaurant in 2018. The available dates are attached. Note that the last date (December 4 to January 8) is a group show of the 2018 participating artists.

Displays are mounted on the restaurant walls for approximately six weeks, beginning January 2nd. Examples of exhibitors can be found at the Luna Sole page of the Arteast website (www.arteastottawa.com)

Luna Sole is located in the mall at the corner of Youville Drive and Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard.

There is no charge to participate but sales are subject to a 15% commission paid to Arteast. The usual Arteast conditions apply, which include being a current member of Arteast. Also, because most of the artwork will be hung in a rather high traffic area, it is very important that the frame be fitted with wire rather than clips. Exhibitors should visit the site to familiarize themselves with the exhibition space – which is a wall, dominated by an operating television set. Depending on the size of the work up to eight pieces can be shown on this wall. There are also two separate walls that are suitable for one large picture each.

Exhibitors accept responsibility for any penalties incurred and abide by the Arteast Coordinator’s decisions. Arteast is released from any responsibility for loss or damages to any of the artworks. It is also agreed that Arteast has the right to use work entered in the exhibition for promotional purposes without this infringing on any copyright.

Please respond to the Coordinators– Gwen Cowan or Richard Pell - at your earliest convenience with your selected first and second choice of dates.

For more information, please feel free to call or e-mail at
Gwen Cowan: gwencowan@rogers.com; 613-744-3909
Richard Pell: richardpell@rogers.com; 613-491-0420

4. Orleans Library Exhibition Changeover - Reminder

It's time to change the exhibition at the Orleans Library, 1705 Orleans Blvd., Orleans, Ontario.

On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, please retrieve the works that are currently hanging and/or bring in new paintings (or other two-dimensional art) to the Orleans Library. These new pieces will be hung until January 2, 2018. The changeover at the Orleans Library is between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

Please be prepared to record the following information on the back of your paintings: title; medium; size; and, price; along with your name, phone number and e-mail. You can bring up to five (5) paintings although, depending on the total received, not all may be accepted. Paintings must be properly framed and ready for hanging. For those of you who are bringing in paintings for the first time this year, there is an Arteast contract you must sign. Blank contracts will be available then at the Library. There are no hanging fees for the Orleans Library Exhibitions.

When someone expresses an interest in purchasing a piece, they will be advised to contact you directly to make the transaction. Fifteen percent of any sale is payable to Arteast for its operational budget. We prefer to leave all works hanging for the duration of each exhibition. Neither the Library nor Arteast takes responsibility for the security of works exhibited but reasonable care is taken to ensure their security.

We look forward to seeing exhibitors on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, at 10:30 a.m

5. Arteast Community Outreach Project

Hello fellow artists,

The Arteast Community Outreach is doing a project at ABI day program ( Acquired Brain Injury) at Bob Mac Quarrie Recreation Complex-Orléans. We choose this group as it has adults with special needs and are Anglophone adults. We will be guiding 12 participants in a 10am to noon watercolor workshop. Arteast will supply all equipment for this project.

When: Thursday November 30th at the center , from 10am to noon
Where: Bob Mc Quarrie, 1490 Youville Drive, Orleans, ON
If you are interested in sharing your passion and want to participate.
Please email me at josiedemeo@bell.net or contact me at 613-590-7627.
Thank you and have a wonderful week

Arteast Outreach program coordinator/past president
Josie De Meo

6. Call for Art - François Dupuis Recreation Centre

The Arteast Team at the François Dupuis Recreation Centre would like to issue a call for art for the next four exhibits as described below. This exhibit space can only accommodate 4 artists at a time, showing 4 to 5 pieces depending on the artworks' size

1. “Spring in the Air 2018 ” - March 12 to May 14, 2018
2. "Summer Colours 2018 " - May 14 to July 16, 2018
3. “Full Bloom 2018 ” – July 16 to September 17, 2018
4. “Fall Rhapsody 2018 “ – September 17 to November 12, 2018

Please email francoisdupuis@arteastottawa.com no later than November 14, 2017. Changeovers take place in the evening, beginning at 6:30 pm. Artwork from the current show is to be picked up from 6:30 to 7:00 pm and new artwork is to be hung at 7 pm. ARTWORK BEING PICKED UP MUST BE SIGNED OUT WITH SOMEONE FROM THE FRANÇOIS DUPUIS TEAM: That would be either Maryse, Mark or Cheryl.

The François Dupuis Centre is an inviting and fitting space for Arteast members to display their works. Each artist will have a maximum of 10 feet of wall space to display two-dimensional pieces of art for sale. Items must be dry and ready to hang. The exhibit space is designed to accept works in a single horizontal line. *Clusters of paintings in vertical groupings cannot be accommodated.*

The centre is also very accessible. It is open seven days a week, specifically from 6:45 am to 9:45 pm, Monday to Friday, 7:45 am to 7:30 pm Saturday and 7:45 am to 6 pm Sunday.

Artists are responsible for all handling and hanging of their artwork. A small step stool is available for use or you may provide your own. An exhibit fee of $20 per artist applies. Please refer to Arteast’s website for forms and regulations. Artwork without proper hanging hardware will, unfortunately, not be accepted. Please refer to rule #4 for more details.

Reserve your space today!

The François Dupuis team


Appel aux artistes - centre récréatif François Dupuis

L’équipe d’Arteast du Centre récréatif François Dupuis lance un appel aux artistes pour les quatre prochaines expositions décrites comme suit:

1. “Le printemps dans l'air 2018 ” - 12 mars au 14 mai, 2018
2. " Couleurs d'été 2018 " - 14 mai au 16 juillet, 2018
3. “En pleine floraison 2018 ” – 16 juillet au 17 septembre, 2018
4. “Rhapsodie d’automne 2018 “ – 17 septembre au 12 novembre, 2018

N.B. L’espace ne peut accommoder que 4 artistes en même temps, avec 4 ou 5 tableaux par artiste, selon leurs dimensions.

Envoyez votre demande par courriel à : francoisdupuis@arteastottawa.com avant le 14 novembre, 2017. Le décrochage des tableaux débute à 18h30. Les tableaux de l’expo en cours doivent être repris entre 18h30 et 19h en prenant soin de signer une feuille en présence de Maryse, Mark ou Cheryl.

Le Centre récréatif François Dupuis fournit un espace intéressant pour exposer les tableaux du groupe Arteast. Chaque artiste dispose d’un espace de 10 pieds pour exposer des tableaux à vendre. Les items doivent être secs et prêts à accrocher. L’espace dispose d’une seule ligne horizontale pour les œuvres. (Les œuvres ne peuvent pas être superposées à la verticale). 

Le Centre est très accessible: ouvert sept jours /semaine, du lundi au vendredi de 6h45 à 21h45; le samedi de 7h45 à 19h30; le dimanche de 7h45 à 18h.

Les artistes sont responsables de l’accrochage. Un marche-pied est disponible ou vous pouvez apporter le vôtre. Les frais par artiste sont de 20$. Référez au site web d’Arteast pour les règlements et le formulaire. Les tableaux doivent avoir les bons crochets pour l’accrochage ou ne seront pas acceptés. Référez-vous au règlement numéro 4.

Réservez votre espace dès maintenant!

L’équipe de François Dupuis

7. Members’ Announcements

Joyce Buckley Exhibit 
Joyce Buckley, is pleased to present an exhibition of oil paintings and charcoal drawings to be on display from November 7, 2017 to January 4, 2018. This series of drawings was inspired by an exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts ‘Revolution’ this Summer. The exhibition retraced ideas and aspirations of the late 1960s expressed in film, fashion, design, activism and music from the Beatles to Jimi Hendrix.

This show will be held at Il Primo Ristorante, 371 Preston Street, Ottawa.
Visit their web site at ‘https://www.ilprimo.ca’ or call 613-234-6858  for opening hours

Christine Lenoir Godin Exhibit
At: Arbor Gallery 36 Home Avenue Vankleek Hill Ont
Dates: Nov 2 to Nov 28 2018
Open Saturdays and Sundays - will share an exhibition with artists from CAPRAC (Prescott Russell Arts Council, 150 Reasons to be Canadian

Jane Keeler and Jake Morrison present "she saw, he saw: Superior"
A showing of photographic prints from their camping trip in 2017 where they went out to do comparative photography in an area that they have traveled many times over the last three decades. Along the way they visited as many swimming places as they could find - from spa pools to the local swimming hole to the Lake Superior shores. On their return, they expected to see Jake's serene panoramic landscapes and Jane's curious investigations of people and nature. Come see what they saw - it’s not quite as cut and dried as anticipated.

“she saw, he saw: Superior” Gallery 200 The School of Dance
November 10th, 2017 - January 4th, 2018
During school hours - see Gallery 200 (http://www.theschoolofdance.ca/gallery200/gallery200.html) for more details
Opening party: November 19th, 2017, 2pm - 4pm

8. AOE Announcements

REMINDER : An invitation to the CPAMO Ottawa gathering 2017


Free Space Rentals Webinar Coming Up: Promoting Physical Accessibility in Space Rentals!

9. Sponsors’ Announcements


Hello fellow arteast members,

Great opportunity to see new product or ask questions on Golden art products DeSerres art store is hosting a free demo with Golden products with Andrea Warren for Arteast members.

Bonus: Golden will have some give away ( goodie bag) during this event.
Where: St. Laurent Mall in the DeSerres art store
Date: Tuesday November 28th, 2017
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Cost: Free, preregistration is required via email to josiedemeo@bell.net or tel 613-590-7627

Josie De Meo
Proud member of Arteast
Past President
tel: 613-590-7627

Fantastic Opportunity in the Fine Arts and Toy Departments

Here are some ideas for the 31st!

Show your true face.

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