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1. Call For Artists! Blackburn Hamlet Library Art Space Needs Your Art!

We are setting up to jury the next few spaces for Arteast artists to show at Blackburn. This will fill 2 month spots from this summer till next spring. Deadline for submissions is 5 pm, February 12, 2017. Submissions will be juried and applicants will be notified.

Please review the attached Guidelines carefully before submitting, to be sure that this opportunity is appropriate for you. This is the first submission wherein the guidelines are in written, formal form for your information and to answer many frequently asked questions up front. Send your submission (using the guidelines) to the Art Coordinator Jessie Parker at Jessie@photobasedart.com.

Jessie Parker, Art Coordinator, Blackburn Hamlet Library Art Space

Blackburn Hamlet Library Art Space:
Guidelines and Procedures for Showing Your Art.
General Guidelines:
The Art Space is available for both professional and amateur artists who are members of Arteast. The art will be curated/juried to determine suitability for the space re: originality, consistency of style, quality of imagery, skill level , the medium , cohesiveness of the body of work (works that fit together in one show). The curator looks for art that will be suitable for the space re: size, medium, imagery, quality and ,especially, art that provides a fresh, new angle/subject that be interesting and appealing for the space and to the public visiting the space. It is expected that all works shown are original (not copies of anything or incorporating images or art/design by other artists), and not done under instruction as an art student.

Artists are asked to consider the audience (general public who may not be knowledgeable about art), and library goers, including young children. Some subjects may be deemed unsuitable for this audience. If unsure, send images of those works to the curator/art coordinator for a decision. Arteast reserves the right to not allow any image/art work that could invite complaints from the public. Think family friendly.
Arteast charges 15% commission on any art that sells from your show. There are no other fees. However, the artist is responsible for any insurance on their art as this is not supplied by Arteast nor the library.

To apply for a show:
· Attach at least 6 small images (800 ppi longest side, jpegs) to your email plus a list with titles, sizes, medium. Images should be labelled with the name of artist and title: name_title
· Explain why you want to show: your goal, why you think your work would fit the guidelines for art shows as described in the introduction.
· Attach your bio/cv (arrange your info in reverse chronological order: most recent first) 1 page
· Attach your artist statement , maximum 150 words
· You may indicate preferred time of year for the show if you have a preference (can’t guarantee, but will consider)

The artist will be supplied with:
· Arteast contract to sign and return
· List form for the artworks in the show (may be returned by email)
· Labels form for the artworks in the show (print on cardstock paper - and bring to show)
· Press Release form template (to be written by the artist per guidelines supplied)

· Arteast promotes the show in many venues including Arteast Digest (email), the Arteast website, Artengine, and various other media.
· The Artist does not generally promote the show unless they have first cleared this with the curator/art coordinator with plenty of notice (at least 3 weeks). (To avoid confusion or duplication)
· Arteast also posts a general notice of the artist’s show on the library wall.

Artist responsibilities:
· The Artist will produce a Bio/Artist Statement to post on the wall (image optional on it)
· The Artist will supply the curator/art coordinator with digital images of all the art to be shown at least 3 weeks before the show. (800 ppi jpegs) together with the sizes of the works.
· The Artist will supply and hang 8 to 12 art works, depending on the sizes, based on approved images. The Artist is strongly advised to visit the Art Space , and measure and plan the show specifically for the available space. There are 12 chains for hanging the art, which cannot be moved. For larger works, it is often necessary to use 2 chains for hanging one work. The art coordinator needs to know in advance whether you need to hang any of your works with 2 chains, as this is not always possible or appropriate. The East wall is bright yellow: you might want to consider this when choosing what to hang there.
· The Artist will be at the library at the agreed upon time for hanging, and ready to hang, with the artwork list, and contract signed, the Bio/Artist Statement, and the labels. Usually this is on the first Saturday of the respective month, but that can change if necessary to accommodate. Once the time has been agreed to, the week before the show, it is to be honoured by the artist and the curator/art coordinator or assistant.
· The Artist is responsible for taking the show down at the end of the show (usually the same day as the hanging) . We try as much as possible to have the take down and hanging on the same day and time to avoid blank walls.

· The shows are 2 months in length and are booked 6 months to about a year ahead by the curator/art coordinator. Once booked for a show, the artist is expected to honour their booking commitment and adhere to the dates booked and the booking details agreed upon, including subject/theme and proposed medium , unless there are unavoidable circumstances beyond the control of the artist.
· The curator/art coordinator reserves the right to choose applicants and set schedules that the curator deems suitable for the reasonable operation of this exhibition space.
· If the Artist wishes to cancel/postpone/change the dates, and/or change the medium/imagery to be shown, the Artist’s request must be made in writing to the curator/art coordinator at least 90 days before the scheduled show. This is in order to allow for any changes/re-assigning /cancellation of the show at the discretion of the curator/art coordinator.
· Last minute changes re: theme/medium cannot be permitted. The curator may choose or reject any proposed changes of subject and/or medium at his/her discretion.

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