Urgent: Grow With Art Lead Coordinator Needed

Arteast Members – Attention: Grow With Art Program Facing Uncertain Future

One of the key programs that Arteast provides to its members is Grow With Art. At this point, we need someone to take over as Lead Coordinator. Our current Lead has run the program for a long time as well as volunteered in many other areas of our activity. Don't you agree this person deserves the chance to step down after giving so much to Arteast and to be able to spend more time pursuing their own artistic goals.

We need someone to take over now. Without a Lead Coordinator, Grow With Art would have to cease. You would then lose these activities, coordinated by Grow With Art:

- monthly meetings with presentations by professional artists (provided free of charge);
- annual bus trip to Montreal, with its visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and elsewhere;
- workshops given by professional artists.

The task of Lead Coordinator is not a difficult job, nor is it particularly time consuming. And you will not be expected to do this job alone. In fact, an incoming new Lead would not only have a team to assist them but would have the support of an experienced and dedicated team. In addition, the current Lead would be available to provide guidance and advice.

What are you waiting for?

I'm waiting for you to call....613-830-1829.

Lynne Alsford