Arteast Grow with Art / L‛art en herbe - Lissa Rachelle at Luna Sole - Call for Art at North Gloucester Library - The Communiqué - Winter 2016 - AOE Announcements

1. Arteast- Grow with Art- L‛art en herbe

Tuesday February 23, -le 23 février

7:00 “Meet and Greet” à 19h

7:30 Présentation à 19h 30

Room 340-salle 340, 255 Centrum blvd.

Dare to Spread- Présentation et démo: créativité avec la spatule et technique du couteau de l‛artiste. A lively presentation and demo on creative spatula/palette knife techniques.

Bilingual /bilingue

2. Lissa Rachelle at Luna Sole

February 16 To March 29: What Dreams May Come

In 2012, Lissa Rachelle began painting with acrylics as a break from detail-oriented and time consuming pencil work which had been her original artistic expression. Working with paint put her in a “playful” state of mind that led to a style deliberately carefree and, to a certain extent, spontaneous and intuitive.

The paintings at Luna Sole represent her own spiritual explorations and beliefs that have led to a surrealistic, colourful and slightly whimsical world where a gentle sense of mystery prevails. She says “it is a place where the skies are filled with light even in the deepest night and the trees express their emotions with the growth of their curly branches and roots, and there is always the feeling that one might be on a wonder-filled adventure of discovery.

Luna Sole is open daily in the mall at Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard and Youville Drive in Orléans. Be welcome to breakfast, lunch or dinner or just a coffee.

3. Call for Art at North Gloucester Library

It's time to change the Arteast exhibit on Tuesday, MARCH 8, 2016:

Please retrieve the works that have been hanging for the past two months and/or bring in new paintings (or other two dimensional art) for the North Gloucester Library, 2036 Ogilvie Road, Ottawa, K1J 7N8. The changeover is between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30.a.m.

These new pieces will hang for two months.
The next change-over will be on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

If you are interested in exhibiting, an advance email, on or before Wednesday, March 2, 2016, to Christine Gendron, christinegendron@sympatico.ca, indicating the number of works and their sizes, would be helpful. Or, just show up at the date, but risk being turned away.

Please be prepared to record your paintings with: Title, Medium, Size, and Price along with your name, phone number and e-mail.  You can bring up to 3 paintings although, depending on the total number received, not all may be accepted.  North Gloucester Library can accommodate 20 paintings. Paintings must be ready for hanging, with appropriate framing and hardware to Arteast standards. Those who are bringing in a painting for the first time this year must sign an Arteast contract form.  Blank contracts will be available at the library.
Fifteen percent (15%) of any sale is payable to Arteast for its operational budget.

When someone shows an interest in purchasing a piece, they will be advised to contact you directly to make the transaction.  We prefer to leave all works hanging for the duration of each exhibition.  If you must remove your work prior to the next change-over, please notify the appropriate coordinator, so the Librarian can be advised and take note of the authorized removal.  Neither the Library nor Arteast takes responsibility for the security of works exhibited but reasonable care is taken to ensure their security.  Remember that these are very public areas that put your work and name before the public.  Do your part to encourage people to visit the North Gloucester, Orleans, St. Laurent Complex, and Blackburn Hamlet Libraries, where Arteast members exhibit on a continuing basis.

We look forward to seeing exhibitors on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

The North Gloucester Coordinators
Christine Gendron christinegendron@sympatico.ca
Pari Zati pari.nz@gmail.com
Marie Leger legermarie60@gmail.com

4. The Communiqué - Winter 2016 Vol. 23 No. 1

The latest issue of our newsletter is now available online at http://arteastottawa.com/newsletter.php
The printed copies will be mailed next week. If you do not wish to receive the hardcopy, please email editor@arteastottawa.com to remove your name from the mailing list.

Arteast's hard-copy, quarterly newsletter—Communiqué—is popular with our members, but did you know that it is also available on our Web site at http://arteastottawa.com/newsletter.php? A notification when a new issue is released is communicated via the weekly Arteast Digest. Posting of the Web version may be viewed in full dazzling colour, at least two weeks before the print version (black and white) is delivered by Canada Post. With rising postal costs, some members have requested that they be removed from the mailing list for the printed copy. Other advantages of going with the online Communiqué are:
- reduces printing and envelope costs;
- makes Arteast more "green";
- no more hunting for misplaced issues (Arteast's Web site has the current and all back issues).
Printed copies will be available at our monthly Grow With Art meetings and the Promenade Arteast gallery at the Shenkman Arts Centre. If you prefer to read the newsletter online, please e-mail us at editor@arteastottawa.com to have your name removed from the newsletter mailing list.

La copie imprimée du trimestriel d’Arteast – Communiqué – est populaire auprès de ses membres, mais saviez-vous qu’il est aussi disponible sur le site Web http://arteastottawa.com/newsletter.php ? Lors de sa publication, une notice paraît dans l’hebdomadaire Arteast Digest. Sur le Web il peut être lu et vu en couleurs deux semaines avant la version imprimée ( noir et blanc) postée par Poste Canada. Compte tenu du coût postal croissant plusieurs membres ont enlevé leur nom pour l’envoi postal - vers le Web. Il y a d’ailleurs d’autres avantages du Communiqué en ligne tels que :
- réduire les coûts de l’imprimé et de l’enveloppe;
- Arteast plus ‘vert’;
- ne plus être à la recherche du numéro manquant (le Web d’Arteast conserve le numéro courant et les anciens numéros).
Des copies imprimées seront disponibles à la réunion mensuelle L’Art en herbe et à la galerie Promenade Arteast au Centre Shenkman. Si vous préférez lire le Communiqué en ligne, s.v.p. contactez : editor@arteastottawa.com afin d’enlever votre nom de la liste d’envoi.

5. AOE Announcements

Please follow the links:

Opportunities For Members: February 18 | Occasions Pour Les Membres : Le 18 Février

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