Call for Art - François Dupuis Recreation Centre - Marilyn Campbell at Luna Sole - Members Announcements - Communiqué - AOE Announcements - Mixed Media Workshop by Pébéo

1. Call for Art - François Dupuis Recreation Centre 

The Arteast Team at the François Dupuis Recreation Centre would like to issue a call for art for the next 3 exhibits as described below.   This exhibit space can only accommodate 4 artists at a time, showing 4 to 5 pieces depending on the artworks' size

1.  “Spring Melt” March 14th to May 9th, 2016
2.   “Springtime Warmth” May 9th to July 11th,2016
3.  "Sweet Days of Summer" July 11th to September 12th, 2016

Please email francoisdupuis@arteastottawa.com no later than February 1, 2016.  Changeovers take place in the evening, beginning at 6:30 pm.  Artwork from the current show is to be picked up from 6:30 to 7:00 pm and new artwork is to be hung at 7 pm.  ARTWORK BEING PICKED UP MUST BE SIGNED OUT WITH SOMEONE FROM THE FRANÇOIS DUPUIS TEAM:  That would be either Doreen, Mark or Marie.

The François Dupuis Centre is an inviting and fitting space for Arteast members to display their works. Each artist will have a maximum of 10 feet of wall space to display two-dimensional pieces of art for sale. Items must be dry and ready to hang. The exhibit space is designed to accept works in a single horizontal line. *Clusters of paintings in vertical groupings cannot be accommodated.*

The centre is also very accessible. It is open seven days a week, specifically from 6:45 am to 9:45 pm, Monday to Friday, 7:45 am to 7:30 pm Saturday and 7:45 am to 6 pm Sunday.

Artists are responsible for all handling and hanging of their artwork. A small step stool is available for use or you may provide your own. An exhibit fee of $20 per artist applies.  Please refer to Arteast’s website for forms and regulations.  Artwork without proper hanging hardware will, unfortunately, not be accepted.  Please refer to rule #4 for more details.

Reserve your space today!

The François Dupuis team


Appel aux artistes

L’équipe d’Arteast du Centre récréatif François Dupuis lance un appel aux artistes pour les trois prochaines expositions décrites comme suit:

1.  “La fonte printanière”                                              14 mars au 9 mai 2016
2.   “Chaleur printanière”                                            9 mai au 11 juillet 2016
3.  "Douces journées de l'été"                   11 juillet au 12 septembre 2016

N.B. L’espace ne peut accommoder que 4 artistes en même temps, avec 4 ou 5 tableaux par artiste, selon leurs dimensions.
Envoyez votre demande par courriel à : francoisdupuis@arteastottawa.com  avant le 1er février. 2016.

Le décrochage des tableaux débute à 18h30. Les tableaux de l’expo en cours doivent être repris entre 18h30 et 19h en prenant soin de signer une feuille en présence de Doreen, Mark ou Marie.

Le Centre récréatif François Dupuis fournit un espace intéressant pour exposer les tableaux du groupe Arteast. Chaque artiste dispose d’un espace de 10 pieds pour exposer des tableaux à vendre. Les items doivent être secs et prêts à accrocher. L’espace dispose d’une seule ligne horizontale pour les œuvres. (Les œuvres ne peuvent pas être superposées à la verticale).

Le Centre est très accessible: ouvert sept jours /semaine,  du  lundi au vendredi de  6h45 à 21h45; le samedi de 7h45 à 19h30; le dimanche de 7h45 à 18h.

Les artistes sont responsables de l’accrochage. Un marche-pied est disponible ou vous pouvez apporter le vôtre. Les frais par artiste sont de 20$. Référez au site web d’Arteast pour les règlements et le formulaire. Les tableaux doivent avoir les bons crochets pour l’accrochage ou ne seront pas acceptés. Référez-vous au règlement numéro 4.

Réservez votre espace dès maintenant!

L’équipe de François Dupuis

2. Marilyn Campbell at Luna Sole

Marilyn Campbell is the first of eight Arteast artists to exhibit at Luna Sole in 2016. Her work draws on paintings by various artists modern and historical. She, like many Arteast members, came to painting later in life. Her appreciation of the “wonderful world we live in” was in part stimulated by studying watercolours under Kathy Harker-Flander and participating in Arteast events. She signs her work “marilyn sara”.

If you are interested in acquiring one of her paintings, please call Marilyn at 613-834-9937 or email her at mcmarilynsara@gmail.com.

Future exhibiting artists are: Gwen Cowan, Lissa Rachell, Christine Blais, Herb van der Staay, Shirley Moulton, Maryse Hatchard, and Kerstin Peters.

Luna Sole is located in the mall at Youville Drive and Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard

3. Members Announcements

Kerstin Peters offers the following course at François Dupuis Recreation Centre:
Tue, 7 pm-9 pm, Feb 9-Mar 1, 996497, 16 yrs+, 4 classes
For information about the artists please go to Kerstin's website www.KerstinPeters.ca.

An article about Lois Siegel is posted in Status Magazine: Scroll down to Page 28

4. Communiqué

Arteast's hard-copy, quarterly newsletter—Communiqué—is popular with our members, but did you know that it is also available on our Web site at http://arteastottawa.com/newsletter.php? A notification when a new issue is released is communicated via the weekly Arteast Digest. Posting of the Web version may be viewed in full dazzling colour, at least two weeks before the print version (black and white) is delivered by Canada Post. With rising postal costs, some members have requested that they be removed from the mailing list for the printed copy. Other advantages of going with the online Communiqué are:
- reduces printing and envelope costs;
- makes Arteast more "green";
- no more hunting for misplaced issues (Arteast's Web site has the current and all back issues).
Printed copies will be available at our monthly Grow With Art meetings and the Promenade Arteast gallery at the Shenkman Arts Centre. If you prefer to read the newsletter online, please e-mail us at editor@arteastottawa.com to have your name removed from the newsletter mailing list.

La copie imprimée du trimestriel d’Arteast – Communiqué – est populaire auprès de ses membres, mais saviez-vous qu’il est aussi disponible sur le site Web http://arteastottawa.com/newsletter.php ? Lors de sa publication, une notice paraît dans l’hebdomadaire Arteast Digest. Sur le Web il peut être lu et vu en couleurs deux semaines avant la version imprimée ( noir et blanc) postée par Poste Canada. Compte tenu du coût postal croissant plusieurs membres ont enlevé leur nom pour l’envoi postal - vers le Web. Il y a d’ailleurs d’autres avantages du Communiqué en ligne tels que :
- réduire les coûts de l’imprimé et de l’enveloppe;
- Arteast plus ‘vert’;
- ne plus être à la recherche du numéro manquant (le Web d’Arteast conserve le numéro courant et les anciens numéros).
Des copies imprimées seront disponibles à la réunion mensuelle L’Art en herbe et à la galerie Promenade Arteast au Centre Shenkman. Si vous préférez lire le Communiqué en ligne, s.v.p. contactez : editor@arteastottawa.com afin d’enlever votre nom de la liste d’envoi.

5 . AOE Announcements

Please follow the links:



AOE Arts Council | Conseil des Arts AOE

6. Mixed Media Workshop by Pébéo

Instructor: Sheena Kalmakova
When: Saturday February 6th, 12:00-3:00 pm & Sunday February 7th, 12:00-3:00 pm
Location: DeSerres at St.Laurent Shopping Centre, 1200 St.Laurent Blvd., Ottawa.
Fee: $95 - Please bring to the store on the first day of the workshop. (Cash, debit, and credit are accepted). This course is in high demand, so if you are unable to attend, please contact me immediately.

To register please contact Sheena Kalmakova at skalmakova@gmail.com.

Day One: The class begins on Saturday February 6, from 12:00 - 3:00pm, with an introduction to the range of exciting products that Pébéo has available for mixed media artists. The attendees will prepare three surfaces with acrylic paints, texture mediums, and collage that will be left overnight to dry for the next day.

Day Two: On Sunday, February 7, from 12:00-3:00pm, we will explore the spectacular properties of the self-manipulating oil-based alkyd Fantasy Paints, mirror effect leaf, relief-making resin, and the glass-effect of the pouring resin. Each attendee will finish with a set of three completed projects. Artwork will be left to dry overnight, and can be picked-up the following day. 
**Students are asked to bring materials for collage, such as photos, decorative paper, and/or small objects such as feathers, beads, or trinkets