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1. 25 years of artistic adventure / 25 ans d’aventure artistique 

25th Anniversary Gala Banquet with music /avec musique
Only 1 week left to register/ Seulement 1 semaine pour vous inscrire
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Le mardi 24 novembre, 2015
5:30 p.m. / 17h30 Cocktails
6:00 p.m./18h00 Dinner/Souper
Pine View Golf Course 1471 Blair, Ottawa

Tickets/ Billets: $25 Members/Membres, $35 for Guests/Invités
Cash Bar/ bar payant -- Free Parking/ stationnement gratuity

Follow the link for the pre-order form: http://arteastottawa.com/forms.php

25th Anniversary Team

2. Arteast Speaker series Grow with Art / L’art en herbe, Tuesday, October 27th

Meet and Greet at 7 pm Speaker at 7:30pm
3rd floor, 255 Centrum Blvd.
Presents Crystal Beshara, a Canadian contemporary realist

This session, entitled “Working with Transparent Colours” will help artists learn how choosing  the right pigment can improve luminosity and glazing in watercolour paintings.

Crystal Beshara is a proud two time winner of the prestigious Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation prize. Shortly after graduating with her BFA she became the youngest elected Fellow of The Ottawa Watercolour Society at the age of 23.
She has illustrated 4 published children’s books including her original story When I Visit the Farm which was released internationally in 2009. Her work has been featured and reviewed in Canadian House & Home, Modern Family Magazine, The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun, The Quill & Quire, and Montreal Review of Books.  Beshara also is the primary sketch artist for the award winning television series Hard Rock Medical.

3. Call for Art: Holiday Mix

Call for art for the “Holiday Mix” exhibition at the St Laurent Complex Gallery, you need to have your pre-registration sent in via email to josiedemeo@bell.net by no later than Friday November 6,2015.

And please note you’re allowed to register up to 2 art piece for the Holiday Mix and each piece max size cannot exceed 12” x 12” (this includes with frame). The form is on the Web site just follow the link: http://arteastottawa.com/forms.php and click on “Holiday Mix Exhibition / Exposition Couleurs des fêtes”. As you send in your pre-registration, please include a picture of your piece(s) so we can add them to the invitation for the exhibition.

Please note that we need all hands on deck to make this exhibition as successful as previous years, any time you can volunteer to help is highly appreciated. So please include your volunteer preference on the registration form/email.

If you have any questions regarding the Holiday Mix exhibition, please contact Josie De Meo either by email at josiedemeo@bell.netor by phone at 613-590-7627

Happy Painting and we look forward to seeing your work for the Holiday Mix exhibition.

4. BazArt - Opportunity to provide demonstration

Nous sommes à la recherche parmi nos membres, des bénévoles pour nous aider l’ors de BazArt( événement artistique des fêtes) au Centre des Arts Shenkman. Nous recherchons des artistes pour 1 heure ou plus, afin de démontrer leurs talents artistiques. Cette évènement se passera durant la fin semaine du samedi, le 28 novembre de 11h à 17h ainsi que dimanche, le 29 novembre de 11h à 17h.

Si vous êtes intéressé veuillez envoyer un courriel josiedemeo@bell.net ou téléphoner Josie De Meo au 613-590-7627 avant vendredi le 6 novembre. Vous avez aussi la possibilité d’apporter une de vos création, étant donner l’espace limité la grandeur maximale sera de 11 x 14.

We are looking for members to participate at BazArt (Holiday art event) at the Shenkman Art Center. We are looking for members to demonstrate their artistic talents for 1 hour or more. BazArt is during the weekend of, Saturday, November 28th 11am to 5pm and Sunday, November 29th from 11am to 5pm.

Please email josiedemeo@bell.net or contact Josie Demeo at 613-590-7627 before Friday, November 6th. You will also be able to display one small artwork, being we have limited space 11 x 14 is the maximum size.
Josie De Meo
Visual artist/Artiste visuel

5. St-Laurent Library

Here is a link to a video made by Liana Voia of an interview with Jessie Parker
discussing her solo exhibit now showing at the St-Laurent Library. Her work
will be hanging until January 8, 2016.

6. Communiqué

Arteast's hard-copy, quarterly newsletter—Communiqué—is popular with our members, but did you know that it is also available on our Web site at http://arteastottawa.com/newsletter.php? A notification when a new issue is released is communicated via the weekly Arteast Digest. Posting of the Web version may be viewed in full dazzling colour, at least two weeks before the print version (black and white) is delivered by Canada Post. With rising postal costs, some members have requested that they be removed from the mailing list for the printed copy. Other advantages of going with the online Communiqué are:
- reduces printing and envelope costs;
- makes Arteast more "green";
- no more hunting for misplaced issues (Arteast's Web site has the current and all back issues).
Printed copies will be available at our monthly Grow With Art meetings and the Promenade Arteast gallery at the Shenkman Arts Centre. If you prefer to read the newsletter online, please e-mail us at editor@arteastottawa.com to have your name removed from the newsletter mailing list.

La copie imprimée du trimestriel d’Arteast – Communiqué – est populaire auprès de ses membres, mais saviez-vous qu’il est aussi disponible sur le site Web http://arteastottawa.com/newsletter.php ? Lors de sa publication, une notice paraît dans l’hebdomadaire Arteast Digest. Sur le Web il peut être lu et vu en couleurs deux semaines avant la version imprimée ( noir et blanc) postée par Poste Canada. Compte tenu du coût postal croissant plusieurs membres ont enlevé leur nom pour l’envoi postal - vers le Web. Il y a d’ailleurs d’autres avantages du Communiqué en ligne tels que :
- réduire les coûts de l’imprimé et de l’enveloppe;
- Arteast plus ‘vert’;
- ne plus être à la recherche du numéro manquant (le Web d’Arteast conserve le numéro courant et les anciens numéros).
Des copies imprimées seront disponibles à la réunion mensuelle L’Art en herbe et à la galerie Promenade Arteast au Centre Shenkman. Si vous préférez lire le Communiqué en ligne, s.v.p. contactez : editor@arteastottawa.com afin d’enlever votre nom de la liste d’envoi.

7. AOE Announcements

Please follow the links:

Opportunities For Members | Occasions Pour Les Membres:

Oct 26: Ottawa Culture Plan Update | Le 26 oct : bilan du Plan d’action culturel d’Ottawa

Building A New Website Survey! | Sondage pour un nouveau site Web:

8. Blackburn Hamlet Library

Michel Kazan , of Blackburn Hamlet Library announces  an art program that’s happening at the Library on Wednesday, October 21st at 2PM. An organization called MASC (Multicultural Arts for School and Communities) arranges programs and provides funding for libraries to have local artists host art programs.
The program at Blackburn on the 21st is  a 2 hour session, “New Eyes for Public Art” with CJ Fleury. Here is the link with the details: https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/new-eyes-public-art-cj-fleury-0

Registration is limited to 15 people and 7 have been registered as of Wednesday afternoon Oct.14. Interested participants can register online with a Library card or call the branch directly at 613-824-6926 x 224. Registration is FREE.

9. Helena Guzman Workshops

Helena Guzman has created the Arteast brochure for many years, and has developed this series of courses with special discounts to companies and organizations.

The social media strategies workshops are fully interactive and open to anyone who has a high-speed internet connection. Don't see a session available for you? Ask for a custom workshop for your group!

How to Create A Social Media Strategy (for Small Business Entrepreneurs)
The statistics are staggering. With over half of the world’s population now active on social media, it isn’t just a passing fad. Increasingly, it’s become the principal way we share our ideas, our goals, and our expertise.
In these 2-hour introductory training courses, Helena Guzmán will teach participants the foundational skills, and demonstrate how to integrate these skills to create a social media strategy using hands-on implementation via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Open to all skill levels.
Please note: Based on demand, the workshops have been re-configured according to topic and the length reduced to a 2-hour session. You may choose an online session or customize a session of your topic and location of choice.

Registration is now open: http://helenaguzman.com/socialmediastrategies/
PROMO SPECIAL: Arteast members are eligible to receive $25 off their registration; use promo code ARTEAST.

Helena Guzmán Design
Design Your Life! ~ Design Your Business!
613-203-5260 | Skype: helena.guzman Online: www.helenaguzman.com Facebook | Twitter